A Zephorium Soul Tonic aromatherapy massage immerses you in the luxurious aromas of pre-blended essential oils while receiving a Swedish massage. I work with you to design a treatment that uses the healing properties of essential oils for relaxation or invigoration.

Duration: 45/60/90 minutes
Price: £50/£60/£100

Deep Tissue

This treatment targets your muscles, tendons and ligaments while striving to release tension in over-stressed areas. The many benefits of this massage include the alleviation of minor aches and pains, reduced body stiffness, decreased anxiety, and restful sleep.

Duration: 45/60/90 minutes
Price: £47/£52/£77

Upper Body Deep Tissue

More attention is given to the specific muscles of the upper body to decrease pain and tension and increase range of motion. Working down to the deeper layers of tissue this treatment is helpful for chronic neck, shoulder and back conditions.

Duration: 30/60 minutes
Price: £32/£52


Holistic massaging is a form of health therapy using traditional massage techniques (learnt from our friends the Native American Indians) aimed at treating the whole physical person-on an energetic and emotional level. This massage strives to create harmony and wholeness by restoring the balance between the inner self and the environment and re-establishing the flow of energy to the body. Each person is unique and therefore each treatment is suited to the needs of the “whole person”.

Duration: 30/60/90 minutes
Price: £32/£52/£77

Trigger Point

So, what does Trigger Point Therapy treat?

For a variety of reasons, when we strain muscles and fascia, either through impact or through a build up of chronic stress, the muscles go into spasm. This spasm can restrict blood flow and cause pain, as well as restricting mobility.

Sometimes muscles can be in tension for so long that they lack the energy to release, and form tight “knots” or “trigger points”, a “contracture” or little hard bump in the muscle which can be responsible for debilitating back pain or neck & shoulder pain referring to other parts of the body. Fibromyalgia is a different condition, but it seems many patients with fibromyalgia have significant trigger point discomfort also.

Inflammation is a necessary part of the healing process, bringing nourishment into the area, and reducing flow away, which reduces the spread of infection. If allowed to continue and become chronic, however, it can lead to restrictive adhesion’s and thickening of connective tissue.

Neuromuscular Therapy – sometimes called Trigger Point Therapy – involves releasing Trigger Points in muscles & fascia, and encouraging flexibility in muscle and connective tissue.

Pressure is applied to these Trigger Points, rather like Chinese Acupressure, until the congestion diminishes. A release of tension relieves pain and increases mobility. Greater blood flow allows the healing process to take over.

Stretching the muscle and fascia afterwards helps to consolidate the relaxation, and you will be shown some stretches to practice after the session.

Duration: 30/45/60 minutes
Price: £35/£55/£65


Chakra synergies may be added to any treatment (except pregnancy) for an additional cost of £5.00.