La Stone Therapy

La Stone Therapy is possibly the ultimate in massage techniques. It combines massage with the use of smooth hot basalt lava stones and chilled marble stones. The hot and cold rocks encourage blood flow through the muscle tissues which flushes toxins and triggers the body’s self healing mechanisms. La Stone Therapy can be nurturing in style, or deep tissue where appropriate.

La Stone Therapy is combined with La Stone’s Aromatherapy oils which are truly ‘out of this world’ a combination of “Balance” or “Harmony” are used during your treatment. The hot stones work perfectly as little burners, infusing the air with heavenly scents. The heat from the stones also aids the body’s uptake of the essential oils during the treatment. La Stone’s aromatherapy oil “Revive” will conclude your treatment to bring you back in to the “now”.

The atmosphere created during a La Stone treatment is perfect for allowing your body to find its natural balance. La Stone is nurturing, healing and invigorating to the Body, Mind and Spirit. This is a unique massage where you will feel the pleasure of both the hot and cold stones together with the warm hands of the therapist. Infusing the mystical smoke of white sage from the Native American Indians, you will then lay on some warm stones whilst some are placed on the chakras, (energy centres) allowing the heat and essential oils that correspond to each chakra to penetrate deeply to soothe and relieve tension. As the therapist massages with the hot and cold stones they align and harmonise your chakras. This massage can be up to 8 times more powerful than a regular massage. It will detoxify, balance, be deep tissue (if required), therapeutic and relaxing.

Duration: 60/90 minutes
Price: £65/100